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Location of the Studio

The studio is located inside the historic Palazzo Loschi-Zileri-dal Verme, occupies the main floor and overlooks Corso Andrea Palladio which is the main road in Vicenza, named after the famous architect. About 700 meters long. it crosses the historic core of the city, it is flanked by numerous palaces which were built by the great master or which date back at least to his designs. This straight main road runs along the ancient Roman road, Decumanus Maximus, and crosses the centre, from the Teatro Olimpico to Piazza Castello. It is a pedestrian area and is considered the parlor of the city.

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History Palazzo Loschi Zileri dal Verme

The dating of the building's construction dates back to 1780. The architect who conceived and designed it is Ottone Calderari. All his activity was inspired by the works of Palladio.

His was a defense of Palladian purity, elegance and taste which had been attacked by the Baroque influences of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

His projects aimed above all at the grandeur of Palladian examples and Palazzo Loschi-Zileri-dal Verme is a striking one where majesty and elegance are two somatic traits distinguishable at first sight.

The decision to locate the studio within such a courtly architecture was not accidental, we wanted a space that could welcome us, that represented us with measured elegance and that above all could stimulate our creative processes, be able to operate surrounded by the beautiful both in architecture and in pictorial decorations it is truly a great opportunity and a very strong stimulus for those who carry out an activity like ours.

Work Methodology

We competently deal with the stylistic interpretation that ranges from design
inspired by period environments having a deep and detailed knowledge and historical culture, by contemporary design where rationality, functionality and elegance are the common denominator, with peaks of absolute modernity and originality.

Particular care and attention is also reserved for the graphic designs we create. They are performed entirely by hand with techniques ranging from the use of ink to watercolor obtaining results that often

manage to interact with the emotionality of the customer.




For our Studio, a very important aspect is being able to anticipate with a series of hand-made graphic visions, what will then take shape with the realization of the project, this aspect is fundamental

to understand the right direction of the project work.
Our work is not limited to the execution of a project in purely terms
practical, we try to create a clear and precise "life-style" that stands out and that perfectly represents the person who lives in the spaces designed for her.

In addition to the realization of all the technical-constructive planning, we guarantee a total supervision service from the genesis of the project to the delivery of the completed works, ensuring an extremely high level of quality, a guarantee of true and excellent exclusivity.

Preparatory sketches

Gastone Fioravanzo Interior Design Studio - Tel.0444 546053

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